Wrapping up the Bali adventure

Two days ago I arrived back in the Netherlands. Of course I’m happy to see everyone again, but to be honest.. If I could, I would jump on the plane back to Bali in an instant. But oh well, who wouldn’t?

During the last weeks I was together with Fleur. We made Canggu our home base and from there made trips to the North of Bali, the Islands Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan and later also the East of Bali.

Nyepi day

The day before I left back to Holland it was Nyepi day. This is Balinese New Year. In advance of Nyepi, there are a lot of ceremonies throughout the island. One of these is Ogoh-Ogoh (the day before Nyepi). The Balinese perform a parade with large self-made devilish looking creatures and afterwards burn them to scare away the bad spirits. After that on Nyepi day, Bali is completely shutdown. Everyone is required to stay inside, no lights are allowed, airport closed and even the internet was closed off for a day. Amazing how something like this is possible in 2019. It is said, the reason for this is to let the bad spirits believe Bali is deserted and no one is living there. The Balinese use Nyepi (aka Day of Silence) to overthink last year and think ahead about next year.

This time I’m not going to write much more than this and let the photos and videos speak. I made a photo/video compilation of the complete trip:

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