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Augmented reality = Awesome!

Augmented reality, simply stated, is adding or adjusting your vision of reality by using a computer element.
Last night Steven, a friend mine, came over and brought a little toy. The META1. So I had the opportunity to play around with these augmented reality glasses.


META1 is able to track hand movement and identify some gestures. But I have to say, it felt a bit unnatural to make gestures in open space and it needed some tries before having my click gestures really recognized and processed. But chances are, a part of the problem was my stake here.

We also tried the META1 looking outside. I was really impressed by the view of the hologram screen in a colorful outside environment. It was still really sharp and good looking! Being able to take this thing outside or anywhere you go, would open up options and applications we can’t even start to imagine. Although applications are still few, I’m really excited about augmented reality and can’t wait to see it becoming adopted by the big crowd.