Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

In 2015 my interest in VR and AR was initiated by the VR Cardboard from Google.
A short quote to describe what Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is and what differs them:

With virtual reality, you can swim with sharks. And with augmented reality, you can watch a shark pop out of your business card. While VR is more immersive, AR provides more freedom for the user, and more possibilities for marketers because it does not need to be a head-mounted display. –

After having tried the Google Cardboard, one of my friends and I started brainstorming about the possibilities of VR and AR. As we where both software developers we saw tons of opportunities in this field, that was more and more upcoming. From there we decided to give it a shot. Together with him and two other companions we founded Vensterworks.
A company that mainly focuses on mobile VR/AR and on providing users with short powerful experiences.