Lapland – Salla

For their 40 year wedding anniversary my parents took the family on a trip to Lapland. Lapland is a region in three countries: Norway, Sweden and Finland. Our trip was to the Finnish part of Lapland.
Lapland is well known for things like husky sledges, the Northern light and reindeer sleighs.


We flew from Amsterdam to “the Official Santaclaus Airport” Rovaniemi in 2,5 hours or so. At arrival we immediately faced a nice -19 ºC. If you want to visit Lapland, you’ll have to be resilient to some cold, as -20 to -30 ºC is quite normal there. From the Rovaniemi airport a bus drove us to Salla near the Russian border where we would stay for the week.


I made some epic 360 videos of the some of the activities we did.

Rendeer safari

Husky safari

Riding a snowscooter